The B&B is located right in the middle of green hills, surrounded by plants and fruit trees and enjoys the company of a well–matched band of animals: cats, roosters, hens, chicks, rabbits and a dog. Hence, if you love animals, you will be spoilt for choice.

PioPio, the King of the roosters will be pleased to welcome you to the chicken coop, and in the morning it will be an honour for him to replace your usual alarm clock.

The three hens Cochita, Bianchina and Pepita perform a fundamental task: they are the main providers of the fresh eggs your breakfast is made up ofjust try our delicious cakes!

Fresh eggs from B&B IlgattoCarla

Super fresh eggs from our chicken coop: those brown are of normal hen, those green of the German kind hen, those white and huge are of duck and those little and white are of the dwarf hen.

We are also happy to host in our chicken coop some lively ducks and the lively Jack and Bobo.

The B&B is also visited by a host of little animals from the nearby forest, but don’t worry, your safety is protected by a trained group of cats fain to everything to safeguard your integrity. Word of honour! 😉

Little Duck at B&B IlgattoCarla, Alassio

One of the duckling born in 2016


The stay of your friends (dogs and cats) is free and they are welcome.

We have available for them some comfortable camp beds for the night.

If you like sleeping on the bed with your pet, please, remember to carry a sheet or blanket to put over the bedspread, in this way you can avoid additional costs for extra cleaning. Alternatively you can bring your own set of sheets for the double bed, in this way you will have a discount on the price.